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Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Marshmallow Filling

By Chef Megan Joy / May 30, 2013

Now that I am back in the mountains after visiting family in Indiana for a few weeks, I’ve finally had some high altitude kitchen time. Being at sea level because I had to remind myself not to ‘altitude adjust’ whenever I baked anything! In Indiana, all of the trees and shrubs were blossoming when I […]


Daffodil Cake

By Chef Megan Joy / May 6, 2013

Now into our second week of May, the grass keeps getting greener and the snow continues to melt. I like the direction things are heading. And today, it rained! No snow this time. I have been very busy working on my upcoming downloadable High Altitude Bakes Breads Cookbook. A lot of progress was made this […]


Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with Almond, Lemon, & Lavender

By Chef Megan Joy / May 3, 2013

May feels good, doesn’t it? The mountain is closed, the sun is shining, and bit by bit, the grass is turning greener. In a few weeks the aspen trees will also start to open their tiny leaves. I’m looking forward to summer in the valley, and I always do. Yesterday evening I noticed something out […]