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Chocolate Banana Snack Cake

By Chef Megan Joy / March 7, 2015

We are moving! We’ll still be in the valley, just a bit further west. In this process, I have begun going through the freezer trying to figure out what to eat up so we don’t have to pack yet more things. It seems we always have one banana left behind in the fruit bowl that […]


Gingerbread Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

By Chef Megan Joy / December 21, 2014

The darker, holiday cousin of carrot cake, this cake certainly commands attention when placed on the dessert table. Rich spices and moist cake pair with a tangy, citrus-scented frosting that’s perfect for this time of year.  Zack brought some of this cake into work and said it was gone in a matter of minutes, which […]


Rum Pound Cake

By Chef Megan Joy / December 21, 2014

I bake cake nearly every week, several times per week. So it’s safe to say that given the choice, I often choose other desserts to eat over cake. This recipe totally surprised me- after tasting it, I kept reaching for more. That’s saying a lot! But honestly, who can resist perfect pound cake? And when […]


Pumpkin Cake Roll

By Chef Megan Joy / October 15, 2014

Greetings! I do apologize for the crickets that have been on here for quite some time. We finally wrapped up our busy season for 2014 weddings and I’m so delighted to have some much-needed down time. The temperatures are slowly dropping, the sunsets are coming earlier, and the holidays are going to be right around the […]


Blueberry Buckle

By Chef Megan Joy / July 2, 2014

Sifting through blueberry recipes last night, I was delighted to have discovered this one for blueberry ‘buckle’. I am new to making buckle. We’ve had cobbler, crumble, and crisps, but never this.  What is a buckle, you ask? A buckle is a type of cake (1 layer) that has a streusel on top. The name […]


Strawberry Shortcake

By Chef Megan Joy / June 10, 2014

Zack and I have purchased a grill- about time- and decided it would be fun to have some friends over for a cookout this past weekend. When I entertain, it’s uncalled for not to serve dessert. I feel like I’m not doing my job as a pastry chef if I don’t.  Zack suggested strawberry shortcake, […]


Whole Wheat Muffins

By Chef Megan Joy / April 10, 2014

My life the past month has been pretty hectic. I’ve had so many weddings, cake tastings, and other projects that I literally have not had any time for ‘casual baking’ at home, unfortunately.  What do they say- when it rains, it pours? On Tuesday I wrapped up a cake photo shoot and now, for the […]


Chocolate Stout Brownies

By Chef Megan Joy / March 16, 2014

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to divert from my usual brownie recipe and make something a bit more festive- these chocolate stout brownies. Living in Colorado, we are so spoiled when it comes to craft beer, so I opted to use something local rather than Guinness. Any strong, dark, malty stout […]


Cappuccino Muffins

By Chef Megan Joy / January 18, 2014

I know I’ve shared my memories of baking recipes out of Taste of Home magazine with my mom when I was younger. The new magazine arrivals were always such a thrill- we’d sit together and go through each page, marking the recipes we planned to make.  These cappuccino muffins came to mind this afternoon when […]


Gingerbread Cupcakes

By Chef Megan Joy / December 14, 2013

This time of year there is so much sugar- Christmas cookies, candies, cocktails…that these cupcakes are a refreshing break from all things sweet. They don’t rise too much and are more of a ‘flat topped cupcake’, but their damp, almost black interiors are richly spiced and festive.  Smeared with a ginger-coffee icing, these cupcakes are […]

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