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High Altitude Holiday Breakfast and Dessert Recipes

By Chef Megan Joy / December 23, 2014

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Only two days left until Christmas! If you’re still on the hunt for holiday recipes, I’ve compiled a list of favorites below. For those of you still seeking cookie recipes, click here, which includes information on our 2013 High Altitude Bakes Cookie Book, as well lists of our […]


Thanksgiving Recipes

By Chef Megan Joy / November 26, 2014

Are you still trying to decide what to make for tomorrow’s big dinner? I’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving-worthy recipes for easy access. I wish you  a happy holiday and hope you get to share some wonderful food this week with the people you love. Also, here are some basic baking substitutions in case you run […]


Creamy Caramel Sauce

By Chef Megan Joy / April 13, 2014

We’ve had lovely weather the past week but today a pleasant little system is moving through, reminding us oh so well that we live thousands of feet up in the mountains and the weather has no mercy. While it’s damp and chilly outside I’m going to cozy up in the kitchen and share my recipe […]



By Chef Megan Joy / January 30, 2014

Sometime between 5 am and 9 am it decided to snow, oh, about 13 inches. I got up early this morning to test some doughnut recipes and I had to spend quite a while pushing all that snow off the car.  I suppose it only made the doughnuts taste sweeter, as we sipped hot coffee […]


Homemade Wheat Thin Crackers

By Chef Megan Joy / November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your kitchens are getting some love. Looking for a holiday secret weapon? Similar to a “Wheat Thin”, these whole wheat little squares have a hint of sweetness and can be kicked up in the savory department with a variety of spices or herbs. Add whatever suits your tastes. They’re great […]


Apple Cider Pancakes

By Chef Megan Joy / November 10, 2013

Last week I purchased a giant jug of apple cider made from local Palisade apples. I feel like I’ve used the apple cider for various recipes and concoctions now, and yet it still appears there is barely a dent made in that thing.  In desperate need of opening up some refrigerator space (we couldn’t make […]


Blue Corn Griddle Cakes

By Chef Megan Joy / September 25, 2013

I’m a sucker for blue cornmeal. To me, it just seems so exotic because I didn’t see much of it growing up in Indiana. Colorado though- that’s a different story. When the cornmeal is whisked into a batter, the baked product usually comes out a dusty, blue-gray color. It may not be the most appealing […]


Happy Birthday High Altitude Bakes!

By Chef Megan Joy / February 20, 2013

High Altitude Bakes is now one year old. Last year, on February 17th, we published our first post and I am so pleased with the progress the site has made. Each month High Altitude Bakes continues to see new visitors, which is exciting and encouraging as there seems to be an under-served market when it […]

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